KA was founded in 1991 as a handicraft business that manufactured sliding door cabinets.

KA's production was 100% make-to-order and all of the company's products were unique, ordered according to custom dimensions and tailored to the customer's needs and desires for design and decoration. Each individual cabinet was made of carefully selected materials in the highest quality and all cabinets were assembled by hand by employees who paid great attention to details and finish.

Nevertheless, KA has transformed from a minor company with customers in the whole of Denmark to a big company with approx. 70 employees and customers in the whole of Northern Europe.

KA is currently the largest Nordic private label producer of sliding door cabinets. The cabinets are still assembled by hand by detail-oriented employees but the production has been equipped with the newest top modern technology, thereby becoming much more efficient. Thus, KA has the market's shortest delivery time for tailored sliding door cabinets.

KA supplies sliding door cabinets to the kitchen and furniture industry and DIY retailers.

Fond: DKA II

Kontaktperson: Lars Dybkjær