About DKA

DKA Capital is a well-established sector focused Danish PE fund investing in knowledge-intensive and technology companies with game changing business models and international potential with the aim of creating long term sustainable value. Since DKA Capital was founded in 1984, we have completed 180 investments and 177 exits of which 21 were in the form of IPO's (Initial Public Offerings). This makes us one of the most experienced investors in Denmark.

In 2011 the management of DKA Capital together with Norwegian Argentum acquired 75% of the fund DKA II.

DKA Capital has through DKA II 3 companies in its portfolio. DKA II is owned by the management of DKA Capital, Argentum, Nordea Liv & Pension and Danica Pension.

We believe in direct and constructive communication leaving no doubt to what DKA Capital stands for or what we would like to achieve during our period of ownership. Together with the companies we execute professionally and create sense-of-urgency.

DKA Capital's aim is to be strategic and intelligent change of ownership. And we want to maintain our position as one of the most credible partners for knowledge-intensive and technology growth companies. During the recent years we have marked ourselves as one of Denmark's leading funds within this field.

Contact us

DKA Capital A/S
Havnegade 39
DK-1058 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 77 99 32 50